PZYKMIX +0.4 | Fire Records

Presenting the fourth in our series of mixes gearing ourselves up for Liverpool Psych Fest on 25 + 26 September. Here, FIRE RECORDS give us their own ‘Psychedelic Fire’ mixtape.

Since its inception in 1986, Fire has always been a label associated with the darker, weirder ends of the alternative music spectrum. In 1989, Spacemen 3’s seminal LP ‘Playing With Fire’ was issued on Fire, and they went on to release records by Neutral Milk Hotel and Bardo Pond (among many others), and provided a home for the fledgling careers of Pulp, Teenage Fanclub and Guided By Voices.
This year the label are represented at the festival by three of its most exciting acts: Noveller, Death and Vanilla and Virginia Wing. We’re delighted to have all three acts on board this year, and the Fire Records DJs will also be joining us for some action on the turntables. This mix should give you a hint of the direction of the set, with some dreamy tangents floating through the fiery ether.

PZYKMIX +0.4 | Fire Records Back