PZYKMIX +0.3 | Black Devil Disco Club

Presenting the third of our series of mixes gearing ourselves up for Liverpool Psych Fest 2015 on 25 + 26 September. This psychotropic ‘Contemplation Of The Mountains’ mixtape has been put together for us by enigmatic electro disco innovator Bernard Fevre, in the guise of BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB.
Bernard Fevre is a figure that can be regarded as mysterious as he is eclectic. His release ‘The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre’ is often cited as one of the seminal releases in the library music genre, later proving influential to the likes of Broadcast and Boards Of Canada, and his pioneering work in the realm of Italo disco is having something of a renaissance at the moment, especially since the 2004 re-issue of the ‘Disco Club’ EP on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label. Fevre has been releasing new records on Lo Recordings since 2006, innovative music so ahead of its time that Black Devil Disco Club can still be considered as avant-garde. These have allowed BDDC to play a key role in the well-deserved revaluation that Italo disco has been subject to in recent years.
On this mix we step inside a few of Fevre’s different cosmic disco iterations, with three remixed Black Devil tracks (by Kerrier District, Lee Zero and Turzi) sitting alongside two Bernard Fevre tracks, as well as a nod to the maestro’s influence on popular music: The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Got Glint?’, taken from their massive 1999 album ‘Surrender’, features a sample from Fevre’s über rare 70s track ‘Earthmessage’. LeBatman’s ‘Dating Do’s’ also features a Fevre sample, this time from ‘Dali’ on ‘The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre’. Gems from Roxy Music, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Walter Murphy and The Big Apple Band show off the mix’s shimmery disco flourishes, while the presence of Suicide and Zombie Zombie show Fevre’s appreciation for a wider palette of sounds. The Beatles’ lysergic backwards masterpiece ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ gets a warping to close proceedings.


Keep your eyes and ears open for more PZYKMIXES coming psoon…


This mix was premiered by The Ransom Note in September 2015.

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