PZYKMIX +0.1 | Bonnacons Of Doom

Presenting the first of our series of mixes gearing up for Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia 2015 on 25 + 26 September. This initial mix is an exclusive piece commissioned by the festival, put together for us by our signature artists BONNACONS OF DOOM, giving us a flavour of the exotic sounds to expect from this year’s PZYK Congregation.

Bonnacons are something of an in-house PZYK noise-collective and this drone laden, tripped-up, whacked-out collection of artists playing this year’s festival has been churned through the Bonnacon juicer, resulting in an utterly PZYK musical slew. The mix features a selection of artists that represents the breadth of music that makes up PZYK in 2015, and goes some way to explaining why the form is expanding way beyond the traditional boundaries of conventional psychedelia. From the searing, tinnitus-inducing riffs of veteran rockers THE HEADS to the dancefloor-attuned beats of FACTORY FLOOR and ETIENNE JAUMET, this mix touches on the furthest edges of a genre that is united by an affinity for exploring cosmic sonic regions. The following 63 minutes flits from drone to distortion to industrial techno to shoegaze, via the work of the PZYK community’s current groundbreakers HOOKWORMS, BLANCK MASS, DEATH AND VANILLA and PINKSHINYULTRABLAST. SPIRITUALIZED’s ‘Electricity’ – from their seminal 1997 LP ‘Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’ – closes the mix with a flourish, and highlights why the festival headliners are rightly revered at the head of the space-psych table.

The musicians behind our house PZYK band – Bonnacons Of Doom/Joy, depending on the situation – compiled this mix in their own signature way, interspersing the tracks with excerpts of their own spiritually-inflected form of dense, shadowy psych. This shady band of audio pioneers have played at each of our festivals since 2013, and performed a mesmeric set at Eindhoven Psych Lab this year where they opened with some test tube-based audio experimentation. In May 2014, the group appeared as Bonnacons Of Light to perform PZYKSONG: a one-off composition of otherworldly, celestial drone – steeped in the choral traditions of Evensong – with the choir of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral for LightNight, in front of a crowd of hundreds packed in to the cathedral’s nave. You may also recognise one of the excerpts – ‘Vidnyaapanam Part 3’ – from one of our line-up trailers from 2014, as the Bonnacons are responsible for all of these PZYK soundtracks. The full version of this suite, ‘Vidnyaapanam Parts 1 to 4’, was released as an 18-minute epic slice on our PZYK 0003 festival 12” for last year’s festival.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more PZYKMIXES coming PSOON…


This mix was premiered on theQuietus in July 2015.

PZYKMIX +0.1 | Bonnacons Of Doom Back