Winningly described as “the finest purveyors of Kosmische heaviness on the planet right now” by Shindig! magazine, enigmatic quartet ZOFFF are a band who seemingly exist with the sole purpose of playing live. Comprising members of 1990s notables Dark Star, Levitation and The Cardiacs, the quartet combine Hawkwind space rock motifs with the endless rhythmic pulse of Can.
So far they have amassed two LPs of throbbing, Krautrock-inspired motoric grooves – ‘ZOFFF 1’ (2014) and ‘KOZFEST MMXVI’ (2016). Each set consists of an entirely improvised track, assembled through the players’ near-telepathic communication, all recorded entirely live. While many bands state that no two live performances are the same and vary from set to set, the current outfit put the concept into practice to an extraordinary degree.