Continuing the steady flow of excellent Swedish psych acts that have played Psych Fest – including Dungen, Hills and headliners Goat – brooding post-punk collective NONN journey across the North Sea to Liverpool. The moniker of Christian Eldefors, the bleak, icy surroundings in northern Sweden were inevitably a huge inspiration on the band’s sound. Blurring the lines between the sharp, glacial post-punk and the industrial electronic aesthetic of the 1980s, the ominous synth drones and relentless machine-like pulse of the drums slowly develop into trance inducing live sets.
Signed to highly influential neo-psych label Fuzz Club alongside psych fest alumni 10 000 Russos and The Cult of Dom Keller, Nonn’s juxtaposition of echoing, forlorn vocals and jangling guitars will find favour with fans of psych-rock, post-punk and electronica alike.