Emerging from the same South London scene which brought us the debaucherous Fat White Family, Meatraffle describe themselves as “PSYCHEDELIC SOCIALIST UTOPIAN Death Ragga, Erroneous Funk and Bastard Music…’ and we couldn’t really describe it better ourselves. Refusing to be pigeonholed into specific genre classification, the Trashmouth Records sweethearts create sleazy drunken ballads characterized by wheezing horns, rough guitars and the hum of synthesisers.
Songs of Soviet satellites drifting through space and album art picturing Lenin with an iron show the band’s humour and leanings, which they neatly rolled up into a manifesto: “We shall die as proletarian revolutionists, dialectical materialists and consequently, irreconcilable atheists – our faith in the communistic future of music is no less ardent.”