JuJu is the brainchild of Sicily-based Gioele Valenti, who defines his latest project as “a spiritual belief system.” The bandleader and former member of Psych Fest 2014 alumni Lay Llamas says of their eponymous debut LP “I wanted to develop some themes… the link with Mother Earth, the theme of lysergic trips, symbols of Black Magic.”
JuJu create a mind-scrambling combination of Afrobeat, shoegaze/dream-pop melodies, intense psych rock and atmospheric textures. Drawing from ancient myths and neo-paganism, the LP ‘JuJu’ chronicles an on-going African exodus that often ends in ignored tragedies at sea. Signed to US underground label Sunrise Ocean Bender, the album won sizebale praise from the online and print press alike, with MOJO saluting the LP’s alchemical mix of “psychedelia, glam, prog and post-punk into propulsive, melodic art rock”.