Returning to Psych Fest after a highly praised 2015 performance, dazzling psych doyen JANE WEAVER brings her genre-melding cosmic pop to Camp and Furnace. Combining synth-pop, acid folk, indie rock, dark-ambient drones girl-group psych and Hollywood soundtracks together in one sparkling mélange, the singer has issued six solo albums to increasing praise.
Accruing a swelling cult audience for her omnivorous musical endeavours and a firm favourite with BBC Radio 6Music, Weaver’s 2015 LP ‘The Silver Globe’ was released to outstanding acclaim, with Mojo hailing Weaver as “amongst today’s most striking sonic auteurs”. New LP ‘Modern Kosmology’ was released in May 2017 to even greater acclaim, an upgrading of everything that was sumptuous about ‘The Silver Globe’, but with more stardust and thrum sprinkled on top. Psych Fest patrons will able to hear the album’s new tracks up close and in acid-frying beauty at PZYK 2017.