Some 15 years after their first album, German Balearic rock outfit Bambi Davidson – newly expanded to a four-piece – went back into the studio to record what became the gorgeous record ‘Brunswick’, released on Claremont 56. As you’d expect with a new line-up, things were a bit different second time round. The stripped-back, minimalist post-rock of ‘El Flaco’ had disappeared, in favour of an expansive, atmospheric sound built around sensual, undulating grooves, gentle, sun-kissed melodies, lilting pedal steel and woozy, dub-influenced production.
Often magical and always immersive, the hazy and intoxicating tracks that make up ‘Brunswick’ are capable of inducing broad smiles on the first listen; carry on riding the wave of vibrant colours, and each carefully-considered, drawn-out composition reveals more intricate layers on each listen.