PZYK 2021 — 15 May 2021

It is with great sadness we are today announcing the cancellation of PZYK 2021.

Despite the positive vaccination news, we still have no certainty as to whether it will be feasible to host the festival in May 2021. With months of continued planning ahead to realise PZYK 2021, we do not have the luxury of waiting until the spring before making a decision as to whether we can welcome our congregation to Liverpool in May.
We appreciate that people travel from around the world to visit the festival and out of respect we want to provide clarity as soon as possible.
We were incredibly excited about presenting the festival at a new venue and we have made the decision to cancel with a heavy heart.
We look forward to a point in the future when COVID-19 is but a distant nightmare and we can come together once more.
Refunds will be processed automatically by our ticketing partner Eventim on Monday 30th November.
All original tickets remain valid for the re-arranged date. If you have any further ticketing enquiries, please contact Eventim here.

Yours in drone, always.



We are proud to present details of PZYK SKAN, our exclusive immersive installation for 2017’s festival, a collaboration between PZYK, Luciana Haill, Rob Strachan and AUDiNT. Supported by Arts Council England, the PZYK SKAN installation encapsulates this year’s festival theme of a world of extremes. In addition, AUDiNT – featuring Steve Goodman (aka Kode9), Toby Heys and Eleni Ikoniadou – will introduce their presentation A CENTURY OF ZOMBIE SOUND as part of the Musings In Drone programme.

PZYK SKAN | a major new immersive installation for Liverpool Psych Fest 2017
We live in a world of extremes; extreme manifestations of politics, digital culture, climate change, robotics and religion are omnipresent in the daily existence of people around the world.
Audiovisual extremes have long been used as tools of warfare and law enforcement. Whether it be the use of sound bombs by the Israeli military in Gaza, musical torture in Guantanamo Bay or the deployment of mobile sonic devices by the police to disperse society’s ‘undesirables’, the use of acoustic violence is a longstanding phenomenon. The effects of such techniques are wide ranging; from ear-pain and hyper-tension, to disorientation and anxiety attacks.
But what are the creative opportunities within the physiological reaction to extremes? PZYK SKAN will explore the creative potential within this through an installation test bed at Liverpool Psych Fest 2017.
PZYK SKAN explores the creative effect of audiovisual extremes on participants using EEG brain scanning technology. Subjects will experience an intense audiovisual ‘journey’ and the neurological reaction to this will be captured and processed by using EEG brain scanning technology. This will result in the harnessing of a rich dataset which is in turn used to create an immersive, large-scale, self-generative audiovisual artwork, housed within PZYK PRYZM at Liverpool Psych Fest.
The project is a collaboration between PZYK AV, Luciana Haill, Rob Strachan and AUDiNT (sonic research cell featuring Hyperdub founder Kode9). Liverpool Psych Fest has always been committed to the creation of new artistic platforms and PZYK SKAN builds on the festival’s work in 2016 which saw them produce and commission a series of new Virtual Reality which included artworks by artists such as Pete Fowler, Super Fury Animals, Demdike Stare and Michael England.
PZYK AV – the festival’s in-house R&D division – has produced and collaborated on a number of immersive art projects within the festival’s PRYZM space, alongside producing AV content across the festival site and designing and running thIs year’s Furnace 2.0 installation and the immersive 360 projection project PZYK Colony. Collaborating with Luciana Haill, AUDiNT and Rob Strachan PZYK SKAN will result in a polyrhythmic live experiment in PRYZM, visualising participant’s neurological experiences within unique visual and audio landscapes.
Fine artist Luciana Haill works creatively with neurotechnologies, digital media, performance and sound. Her installations take the form of sensory environments, enabling participants to access new ways of experiencing and perceiving. These works often involve biofeedbacks using techniques from neuroscience, hypnosis and meditation, to control and create interactive experiences using sound and video.
Originally formatted in 1945 by three ex-members of the Ghost Army, AUDiNT now currently consists of Eleni Ikoniadou, Toby Heys, Steve Goodman (Kode9), Souzanna Zamfe, and Patrick Defasten. Drafted into the research cell in 2009 by a rogue artificial intelligence named IREX2, they have been directed to investigate the ways in which ultrasonic, sonic, and infrasonic frequencies are used to modulate psychological, physiological and architectural states.
Rob Strachan’s interests currently lie at the intersection of electronica, drone and sound art. He has a track record in exploring the use of digital audio technologies in one-off hybrid performances including his work with the Hive Collective at METAL (2012), FutureEverything (2010) and Tate Liverpool (2009). His two collaborative performances of ‘Blue Remix’ with the Swiss performance artist Yann Marussich received the award of Distinction: Hybrid Art at the 2008 Prix Ars Electronica.